Long Term Care Residents Need Support

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All long term care residents need support, and those with skilled nursing needs require high-touch support with everyday activities like eating, bathing and washing. We can’t protect them if caregivers are not protected themselves. Adequate and reliable supplies of personal protective equipment are essential to slowing the spread of this virus.


One of the biggest challenges long term care communities are facing is access to timely testing for residents and caregivers with and without symptoms. The CDC found that long term care residents regularly test positive for COVID-19 but remain asymptomatic. Governor Kemp is taking us in the right direction, but we need testing for all residents and caregivers that is both adequate and timely.


Long term care communities are facing a staffing shortage that has been greatly exacerbated by this virus. Many caregivers have become ill or entered quarantine, and others have been forced out of work to care for children. Without emergency resources and funding for contract workers, long term care providers and their residents face uncertain futures.