How Long Term Care Facilities Are Fighting COVID-19

Caregivers in long term care communities are putting the safety of residents ahead of their own health and risking their lives to serve this vulnerable population. They are answering the call and upholding the sacred trust families have placed in them because our residents are like family.

Every long term care community is taking precautions to keep residents safe and healthy, both  physically and emotionally, during this crisis.

All long term care facilities are following government orders to restrict non-essential visits, and many have created isolation wings to keep confirmed positive residents separated from other residents. Many are using tactics like consistent assignment to limit the number of people interacting with each resident.

In the absence of adequate and reliable supplies of PPE, facilities are hiring seamstresses to make gowns and masks. Staff are even wearing painters’ suits for protection.

While we’re taking extraordinary measures to keep residents safe, our compassionate staff are also helping residents stay safely connected to their friends and loved ones through various channels that allow residents to stay engaged in meaningful ways that are safe and appropriate.

And communities are responding. The public has mobilized behind calls for PPE donations. Seniors and their health care heroes feel the public rallying with video calls, window visits, car parades, prayer services and the support of the Georgia National Guard. We’re all in this fight together.

Until health policy catches up with seniors’ needs, long term care facilities will continue doing everything in their power to keep residents safe and healthy.